A Servant's Heart

Do you know who Charity Church Mouse and Psalty the Songbook are? If you do, you probably have children in your life who have loved the recording about them. My kids listened to this story over and over again, and, as is so often the case with children, they never seemed to get tired of it! Thankfully, neither did I! The story was uplifting, the music well done, and the message thought provoking. *

For the curious among us, the summary of the story is the heroine, Charity Churchmouse, experienced a dramatic change of heart; her perspective was transformed into that of a servant's heart. The lyrics to the song marking this change included the words: "Make me a servant, humble and meek. Lord, help me lift up those who are weak, and may the prayer of my heart always be: Make me a" Charity sang this song while joyfully embracing the concept of living with the attitude of being a servant to God by serving others.

I bring this up because it ties into today'…

Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say!

"Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say!" These are the words of a familiar children's Sunday School song, one my kids and their friends grew up singing.

There is a valuable principle in this simple, little song for those who consider the meaning behind the words Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say!

I once heard someone remark "I can say anything I want to! I don't care what anyone else thinks!" This statement affected me somewhat like stubbing my toe. Maybe because I had learned the hard way that it's not always best to say everything that goes through my mind. Yes, we live in a country which is known for espousing the doctrine of "freedom of speech".  You do have the right to say whatever crosses your mind. Doing so has consequences though, and that's what this post is all about.

 = Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say! = Have you ever said something to someone you love in the heat of anger only to later regret the hurt you …

It's Homework Time!

Labor Day weekend is behind us; the kids are back in school. Now, It's homework time!

Visions of children working through their assignments at the dining room table come to mind. I stayed "handy", ready to help while wrapping up dinner preparations in the kitchen. I can't even guess how many times I repeated "It's homework time!" when silent reading and note taking were abandoned for chatter! They did, indeed, eventually get their work done.

There have been so many times when I've thought of that phrase in light of other areas of life:
= It's homework time! = I think of the studying needed to pass the exam that gave me my Professional Human Resource certification. At the time I first took that test, if I remember right, I was told there was a national pass rate among testing candidates of about 53%. It certainly took doing my homework to pass that exam.
That test wasn't my first thought when considering "It's homework time!"thou…

No Perfect Situation

I laughed to my self as I wrote the title for today's post:No Perfect Situation. Not a cynical, bitter snicker, but a simple chuckle acknowledging internally that it's okay for life to be less than perfect.

If you only knew what a perfectionist I am, you would wonder at that! How many ways I've shown a tendency to be overly concerned with getting every detail exact, accurate, lined up, color-matched, aesthetically pleasing, professionally thought through, formatted to the "nth degree" (...I'm sure you get the picture), I cannot tell! Not that I've really been successful in accomplishing all these goals, just that I have most certainly striven for them.

Camping. Staying in a rustic cabin with no electricity or plumbing, cooking on a woodburning range, drinking water pulled from the nearby lake. Volumes could be written about the memories and lessons learned from these childhood experiences, and maybe one day I will. SO many wonderful things to share! Today…

Thoughts on Prudence

For those readers who like variety, I hope today's post is a treat for you, as I'm mixing things up a bit to make room for miscellany. Why? Because, even though the key word in today's post has evolved over time into what some consider cowardice, if it's utilized with the goal of pleasing God, it becomes a conduit through which other virtuous principles flow!
= Prudence = As previously noted, I like to look things up, especially words. Looking at Wikipedia, the article I read had some light to shed on today's topic. I found that Prudencecan be defined, in a nutshell, as the ability to use good judgment in decision making.

My dictionary*  definesPrudence as a noun: 1. the quality ofbeing prudent2. careful management; economy.  After reading that Prudence is the quality of being prudent, I looked up Prudent as well. In the same dictionary [I still prefer old-fashioned paper books] I read that it's an adjective: 1. capable of exercising sound judgment in practical …

Play Nice!

I've heard there is a book out there titled All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Richard Fulghum. Although I must confess I haven't read his book, the author's thought-provoking title brings to mind life-lessons I learned while quite young. 
Growing up, there were some things my mother reminded me about many, many times. One oft repeated phrase was "Play nice!" I may have grown bone weary of the repetitious reminders as a young person, but as an adult I certainly see the value of living life by this principle:
= Play nice! =
Who doesn't recognize how difficult it can be for such little ones to share and play nicely together? Each baby lives under the impression that their world revolves around "me"!  It sort of does, to think about it! We tend to jump to meet their every need...

However, as they grow it's expected they will learn, "No, the world does NOT revolve around me." Part of this is the increasing awareness &q…

Count Your Blessings!

Today's post is simply focusing on being grateful. In respect to the One from whom all good things come, I will call this principle Count Your Blessings!

This principle is so obvious it can come across as being rather trite, like a "canned" phrase. Yet the life I've lived has given me a perspective on this statement far more vast than seeing it as a phrase to be prettily written in chalk on a pallet wood sign. The value of Counting Your Blessingshas depths and heights and riches you cannot know without trying it out for yourself!

So, whether it's adding more to what you already do, or beginning something new, I'd like to challenge you today to
Count Your Blessings! =
We read in the Bible of a good man named Job. Although he lived thousands of years ago, we feel we can relate to him today. He is quoted as saying "Man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward". He was spot on, too! Let's face it, we all have our share of troubles and sorrows…